World Space Week Association (WSWA) is a non-profit organization that encourages groups and individuals world-wide to participate and hold events that celebrate space science and technology benefits to human kind, during the United Nations Declared World Space Week (WSW) October 4-10 each year.

With close to 1900 events celebrated in 73 countries in 2015, WSWA works with its national coordinators in 80 countries as well as with a core group of volunteers to promote WSW. As WSW activities continue to increase, we need more volunteers with creative, open mind-can do attitude to take us to the next level. There are many benefits to volunteering with WSWA including building up a network in the space community, giving back to the community and being involved in something truly global and special.

1) National Coordinators

Although we are represented in over 80 countries (see the list here), there are still many countries where we have no National Coordinator. The National Coordinator is the linking pin between the global team and the event organizers, national and local media and key contacts in a country (min. 2 hours per week).

If you are interested, please contact our National Coordinator Manager Mr. Armengol Torres to get an application form and volunteer job description.

2) Global WSWA volunteer positions

To strengthen the organization at global level, we are always looking for people with relevant skills, a passion for space education and outreach and some time available to help us out. The exact role you may be able to fill depends on our requirements, your skills and the time you can invest.

Some of vacant positions are:

  • Secretary to the Board of Directors
  • Human resources manager
  • Media relations manager (TV, radio, printed media)
  • Development manager (fundraising, grant writing)
  • Marketing manager (3 positions): Space sector, Astronomy sector, Education sector
  • Web developer
  • Data management assistant (reviewing event calendar for compliance, etc.)

If you can help us in a role not listed here, please contact us to see if we can develop a special role suited to your skills.

If you are interested in any of  global volunteer positions, please contact our Executive Director Mr. Goran Nikolasevic to learn more about possible roles and information on how to apply.