World Space Week 2017 Poster

On this page you can download the most recent World Space Week poster. Please feel free to use as-is, or use the empty template to create your own local version of the poster. Please use right-click and ‘Save Link as‘ to download the poster file to your computer. All previous posters since 2000 can be found and downloaded here.

Print Files

If you need the print-ready files for the posters, then please use these links to download:

Official WSW2017 Poster (PNG, 14,7 MB)

Official WSW2017 Poster – no text (PNG, 14,9 MB)

If you need full size poster (psd file, 72,8 MB), please contact Database manager, Ms. Ksenia Lisitcyna.


The printing of our poster is made possible by our 2017 poster sponsor: