World Space Week Association is a non-profit organization which supports the UN in the global coordination of World Space Week.  The volunteer Association serves a global community of World Space Week participants. The Association is supported solely by donations of these leading members of the global space community. In exchange for your support we offer access to our global space industry network, as well as to millions of young space and science focussed students and professionals in over 100 countries worldwide. As a registered 501c3 charity we will help you fill in your corporate education, public outreach and CSR targets.

For information on becoming a global World Space Week sponsor, please download our sponsor brochure (pdf). We offer our donors different levels of engagement. Please see our benefits table (pdf) at the end of the document to find the benefits that best match your requirements of engaging with World Space Week Association.

In addition to supporters of our general cause and operations, we are also looking for name sponsors for specific┬árecurring┬áevents, like our ‘Youth Inspiration Program’, in which we fly students from all around the world in a Zero-G plane to experience what it is like to be an astronaut, conduct experiments and tell the world about it.

For maximum visibility we invite donors to be our named poster sponsor. The annual World Space Week poster has evolved into a collector’s item piece of space art that is distributed to almost 100 countries every year. The poster sponsor gets a prominent placement on the poster, while supporting us in printing and distribution.

For more informations about World Space Week and the Association, please see our Annual report for WSW2016.

Please contact our Executive Director Mr. Goran Nikolasevic for more information on how you can leverage from our activities to reach your education, outreach and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.