The official podcast of the World Space Week Association

In celebration of the human achievements of going to space we are presenting our new series of podcasts with inspirational space people from around the world.

Think big, start small!

Our podcast series engages the public with the latest developments in space exploration through connecting with world leaders of thought who make the difference in their space environment. We know that every space endeavour started as a thought or a dream in someone’s heart. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, if you dream of space and follow your dream, it will come true. Here we talk about goal setting and where to find inspiration. We plug into the collective wisdom of these people to understand how to navigate towards a future as a spacefaring civilisation.

World Space Week Association Podcast – About Asteroids 2019, Robert Jedicke

What can we learn from asteroids?

Scientist Robert Jedicke is answering this question and many other about the world of asteroids in 2019, from ‘How do you grab an asteroid?’ to ‘What is the Deep Space Gateway?’, ‘What is Planetary Defence?’ and ‘How do we avoid Near Earth Objects collisions right now’, ‘Did life come to Earth on an asteroid?’, ‘Where were asteroids formed?’, ‘Omuamua’, ‘Sample return missions’, ‘How much wealth is there in asteroids?’, Who’s watching so that people will do the right thing?’ and many other topics, including our favourite, ‘What’s his opinion of the future of humankind?’. read more…

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